Why Is It Important?

Madison City Schools are the bedrock of our great community. To maintain academic excellence and continue to excel as a system, this 12 mil ad valorem increase is required.

Facilities to
Meet Growth

Build a new elementary and middle school, and additions to the high schools.

Maintain Academic

Lead the state in academics, arts, and athletics.

Continue to
Compete Globally

Keep our per-pupil levels from increasing.

Support the
Strategic Plan

To support the strategic plan of our Madison City Schools leadership and Superintendent.

What does the Strategic Plan Call for?

Elementary school ($34 million), middle school ($49 million), high school additions ($18-$20 million), $3.5 million for additional operational support (SROs, counselors, teachers, utilities). Proceeds will also be used to repurpose West Madison Elementary into a districtwide PreK Center, safety enhancements, address numerous deferred maintenance projects, and for innovative instructional initiatives.

How Will It Be Paid for?

Funding ONLY for our School System!

It is clearly spelled out in the agreement with the City and in the legislation seeking the property tax election. It will be a Madison City tax limited to use for public school purposes by Madison City Schools that may be expended solely by Madison City Schools.

What Happens If The Increase Is Not Passed?

What are the results if the increase is not passed on how will this affect our school system?

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